Teenagers And Contact Lenses – Getting Your Parent's Approval

Posted on: 26 March 2015

Are you a teenager preparing to go to battle with your parents about getting contact lenses? Have you brought up the idea in the past but had little success in persuading your parents to allow you to get contact lenses? Well, maybe you need to stop and do some thorough research, so you can approach your parents armed with facts. This can help show your parents that you have matured and are more prepared for the responsibilities that come with wearing contact lenses.

Financial Aspects

Many parents avoid getting their kids contact lenses because of the additional costs associated with wearing them. Take some time to contact an eye doctor like Dr Ron Sealock to learn how much the contact lens exam will be and to learn a general idea of how much the contact lenses will cost each year.

Once you have learned how much things will cost, you need to come up with a plan to reimburse your parents for the additional expense. You can create a chore list that you will be responsible for completing, or come up with a small business-type plan for the summer. Offer the neighbors your services for mowing and garden care. Anything that you are physically capable of doing and earning money for doing it should be included on the list.

The Benefits of Contact Lenses

You have probably approached your parents with the argument that you don't like the way that glasses look on you, but this is not a sound argument when it comes to such a big decision. Your parents will more likely be convinced if you can offer them actual benefits of wearing contact lenses instead of glasses.

Are you an athlete? If so, wearing contact lenses can actually be safer than wearing glasses. Collisions with other players and getting smacked in the face with a ball is less damaging if you do not have hard glasses on your face.

Improved peripheral vision is another benefit of wearing contact lenses. Glasses leave an area on each side, top and bottom that can only be seen if you turn your head. Wearing contact lenses greatly improves your peripheral vision because the lens is resting directly on your eye instead of on a frame in front of your eyes.

Prove you're Responsible

Responsibility plays a big determining factor when parents are trying to decide if their kid is ready for contact lenses. Take care of your daily chores and hygiene routines without being told. Keep your room clean, brush and floss your teeth, tidy up after yourself around the house and take care of the pets in the home all without being told to do so.

Taking the time to plan for the conversation with your parents and taking steps to prove that you are a mature and responsible member of the family can go a long way in convincing your parents that you are ready for a big responsibility like wearing contact lenses. But, don't forget the most important element of the battle – respect! Don't get angry if they aren't ready to say yes quite yet – give it some time and bring up the subject at a later date. Remember – responsibility and maturity are key to getting their approval.