High-Tech Eyeglasses Monitor Physical Activity

Posted on: 25 May 2015

Can you imagine wearing eyeglasses that not only correct your vision but allow you to track your physical exercise for health purposes? They aren't on the market yet, but one day soon, you may be able to get lenses in these fashionable frames from your optometrist. 

Features of Activity-Tracking Frames

Think of how you might wear a pedometer to track how many steps you take in a day. These frames will do that for you. Sensors in the frames also measure the intensity of your activity and how many feet or miles you've traveled on foot throughout the day. This information can be translated into the number of calories you've burned. The data, which you'll view on a custom app, can help you improve your fitness, as well as lose weight if this is a goal. 

The developers would like to include additional features once the device completes the prototype stage. Some of those features include measuring heart rate and evaluating posture. Being able to continuously monitor numerous aspects will help wearers identify problems and take action to correct those issues.  


Some smartphones and smartwatches already offer similar features, as do various types of wristbands. A primary advantage with the glasses is they're something you nearly always wear during waking hours.

For instance, you wouldn't have to carry your phone on you when it might be inconvenient. When you're getting exercise at your aerobics class or out on the dance floor, you don't necessarily want to have your phone in a pocket or hooked onto a belt. If you're not into smartwatches and don't want to wear a fitness-tracking wristband all the time, the eyeglasses technology may be appealing.

Power Source

The equipment is powered by a tiny battery that should be good for three days between charges. Just remember to charge it while you have your glasses off for at least 30 minutes. 

Nobody will be able to tell that your eyeglass frames contain a miniature battery. It's hidden in a slightly thicker area of the inside of the frame. 

What You Can Do for Now

Although you can't buy these eyeglass frames yet, talk to an optometrist about the products the next time you have an appointment. Your optometrist may be aware of the invention, as eye doctors are eager to stay on top of new vision technology. Set a news alert on your favorite search engine to learn when you can buy health-tracking glasses, or perhaps become a test subject if the manufacturer expands testing before mass production. 

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