Preventing Scratched Lenses On Your Prescription Glasses

Posted on: 29 August 2015

When you wear prescription eyeglasses, you will more than likely wear them a lot. This means you will be wearing them under many different types of conditions. Handling them will become second nature and you can get less and less careful with them as time goes on. However, your lenses can get scratched easier than you may think. Scratched lenses can affect how well you see out your glasses. Following the tips below will help you prevent scratches in your lenses.

 Wash your glasses correctly

You should wash your glasses every day. This way, you will get pieces of dust off them to avoid that dust from causing scratches. You can wash your glasses by using warm water and a few drops of dish soap. Wash them carefully with your hands and use a soft cotton towel to dry them. You can also use the soft microfiber cloth given to you when you purchased your glasses. Do not use your shirt to clean them off; this can easily cause scratches.

Keep them in the case

When you aren't wearing your glasses, they should be kept in their case. Not only will keeping them in the case help protect them from being dropped or broken in other ways, but it also keeps more dust from gathering on them when you aren't using them.

Don't wear them in the wrong conditions

Certain conditions will put your lenses at a greater risk of getting scratched. Wind can blow dust across your lenses, paint from a rattle can may float across the room and get stuck on the lenses and rain has dust and salt particles in it that can scratch your lenses. Therefore, these are some conditions you should try to avoid putting yourself in when you are wearing your glasses.

Have a scratch resistant coating put on the lenses

Keep in mind that scratch resistant coating isn't automatically put on your lenses when you order your new glasses. Make sure when you order your glasses that you specify you want to have this coating put on the lenses. It will help to keep them protected during everyday use.

Following the tips above is easy and well worth it. You will be able to keep your prescription eyeglasses in much better condition and this means going longer before needing to replace them. This is especially important if you tend to purchase designer prescription glasses. Contact a company like Spectacles of Naples for more information.