How To Make Recovering From Cataract Surgery More Pleasant

Posted on: 15 October 2015

When you've made the decision to have cataract surgery, you may be curious about what the recovery time will be like. Although your first place to go for answers is to talk to your surgeon, there are a few things that you can do to make your recovery a happier process.

Plan activities that don't require eyesight

For those few hours or even days while you're waiting for your vision to go back to normal, you don't have to sit around with nothing to do. Before the surgery, consider collecting a playlist of fun music you want to listen to, download a few audiobooks that you've been interested in, take a well-deserved nap, or find another activity that you would be interested in that won't require your vision. Having a few ideas to keep you busy will help your temporary loss of vision after the surgery more bearable.

Have helping products already out

If your doctor has said it's okay to use pain relievers, eye drops, or other types of medication, or you have anything else that you will absolutely be needing in the immediate hours after the surgery, it is helpful to have those items already collected in an easy-to-find area. While it might not be that hard to find things even with having impaired vision for a short time, having everything you need already collected can relieve the pressure of needing to move around or search for the specific thing that you need.

Clean your living space

Along the same lines, having your living space already prepared for surgery recovery will help make things easier. If you know that the dishes are already cleaned or there won't be things on the floor that you might not see and could present a tripping hazard, the recovery time immediately after the surgery will be less stressful. Try to do a basic cleaning before the surgery, or have someone else come do it for you to both help ensure your safety and to relieve the pressure of a messy environment right after surgery.

Have a sense of humor

If you have the personality for it, making a few jokes about the situation can make things feel less miserable during recovery time. If your doctor has asked you to wear an eyepatch or eye shield, consider adding a skull to the eye patch or collecting your best pirate jokes. However you choose to do go about it, having a good attitude about the situation will make the experience more enjoyable for you and those around you.

While these things might not be able to relieve the annoyance of recovery from surgery, they can help make you more comfortable while you are waiting for things to get back to normal. Click here for more information about cataract surgery.