Signs That You Need Prescription Glasses To Correct Your Vision

Posted on: 21 January 2021

For years, people have been relying on prescription glasses and contact lenses to correct their vision. This makes life easier, especially if one is straining to read a book, look at a PC or phone screen, see road signs, or drive. Struggling with poor vision or occasional sight problems can make life difficult and even lead to accidents.

So, how do you know that it's time to get glasses? Eye doctors say that you should correct your vision immediately when you notice slight changes in your capability to see. Here are some tell-tale signs that you need contact lenses or glasses.

Vision Is Blurred

If you have blurry vision, then it means that your eyes aren't functioning effectively. The chances are that you're suffering from farsightedness or nearsightedness. If you're an adult, you'll likely realize you have this problem whenever you read a book, try to work on a computer, or drive. Children notice the problem while they're studying at school or doing their homework.

It would help if you visited an optometrist to get your eyes checked when your vision becomes blurry so you can be treated and get glasses.

Frequent Eye Strain or Fatigue

In most cases, your eyes will be in pain or be strained when they're affected by different factors like excess cold, not sleeping well, or allergies. However, if this problem drags on for some time and you realize that you're experiencing pain when you watch TV, read a book or make eye movements, you should consider getting your eyes checked out.

Eye strain or pain can happen when the lighting is too dim or too bright. The eye doctor will determine if you have an undiagnosed health condition like diabetes, vision problems, or an eye infection. Once the primary cause of the eye issue is identified, it will be easier to find a solution.

Eyes Are Sensitive to Light

If you're experiencing problems whenever you move from a dim to a well-lit room and vice versa, you may have a problem with your pupil. Usually, you shouldn't take time to adjust from light to dark and vice versa. The other cause of light sensitivity issues is spending long hours viewing a screen, be it TV, phone, or computer. Prescription glasses and medication will be needed to fix light sensitivity problems.

Constant Headaches

Whenever your vision isn't clear, you'll automatically strain your eyes in an attempt to see. This forces the eye muscles to work harder to meet your eyesight needs, and over time, you might start experiencing severe headaches. If you're having this issue, then you should consider glasses.

To learn more, contact an eye doctor.