Eye Discharge: When Should You Be Concerned?

Posted on: 26 April 2021

If you have discharge coming out of your eyes, it's normal. Eye discharge is typically clear, or slightly cloudy. It may also be black from makeup, or a different color when mixed with your makeup. If you have discharge that is alarming to you, or that makes you concerned, you should go to an eye doctor for an eye exam to ensure you don't have any infections or other eye health issues. Read below for a few reasons when your eye discharge should be a concern.

Your Eye Discharge Is Green Or Yellow

Unless you're wearing eye makeup that is either of these colors, your eye discharge shouldn't be colored. If your discharge is this color, it can be a concern, as it may indicate an infection. If you have green or yellow discharge, look for other signs or symptoms of an infection. To help with this discharge, you can use a warm washcloth. Apply it to your eye to wipe away the discharge and soothe your eye. It should help reduce any swelling as well.

You Have Redness And Irritation

If your eyes are also red and irritated, it may indicate an infection. Discharge accompanied by redness and other irritation is concerning and you should have this checked out. Irritation such as itchiness is a concern. If you rub your eyes and you have an eye infection, it could spread to the other eye or to others as well. Don't rub your eyes if you feel like it could be an infection. Instead, hold a warm compress over your eye, and wash your hands after touching your eyes or the washcloth. Never reuse the washcloth, as it could also spread infection.

You Have Eye Pain

If you have pain in your eye and eye discharge as well, it could be an infection. However, it may be some other issue, such as an injury in your eye. The discharge may be occurring to help your eye heal. If you have pain that feels like it's in the back of the eye, you should go in for an appointment to have your eyes checked and treated properly.

If you have eye discharge and it doesn't appear normal to you, you should go to the optometrist for an eye exam and to get proper treatment to heal your eye. Remember not to rub your eyes if you suspect an eye infection or other type of issue to prevent it from worsening or spreading. Contact an eye doctor for more information.