Are You Keen On Your Vision? See Why Annual Eye Exams Are Mandatory

Posted on: 9 September 2021

Eye examinations are critical, but most people don't like them or take them seriously. Others believe that eye exams make sense only when the eyes start aching or develop other problems. Some still say that the eye problem symptoms they are experiencing are temporary and will go away without any examination or medical attention. However, these are dangerous ways to deal with eye health. A developing eye problem can fester until it reaches a point of compromising your vision. That's why it's advisable to get annual eye examinations whether you have symptoms of an eye problem or not. Here are three reasons you will find eye exams necessary.

The Doctor Might Detect Other Health Conditions

Sometimes, you develop eye health conditions separately. At other times, problems with your eyes could be a symptom of an underlying condition. It is best to take annual eye examinations because they help differentiate between the two. For example, people living with diabetes often develop eye blurriness, night vision problems, and color-blindness. These conditions usually occur when one has developed diabetic retinopathy. 

This is a health condition where elevated blood sugar levels affect the blood vessels in the eye, causing them to swell or leak or even damaging them completely. Therefore, an eye examination can help the doctor diagnose this problem early and manage it. By so doing, your eye health will automatically improve because it's easier to treat eye problems when they haven't aggravated. Other conditions that lead to eye health issues include lupus, high blood pressure, and leukemia. 

The Doctor Assesses Progression of Eye Health Problems

It is more important to see a professional eye doctor after getting diagnosed with an eye health condition. The annual examinations are an excellent opportunity to find out if there is any progress as far as the eye problem you had developed is concerned. The eye doctor constantly compares notes of your situation during the previous visit and your current condition to determine whether you need additional health care. If the problem is deteriorating, they will recommend advanced treatment measures.

You Are Aging

You should naturally expect your vision to deteriorate with age. As you grow older, you will start suffering from issues like macular degeneration. Some people even develop cataracts and glaucoma as their age advances. Aging also brings lifestyle diseases that affect your eye health. Therefore, as you age, you will need to have a closer relationship with the eye doctor because they will constantly assess your eyes and determine what to do to preserve your eye health. They might prescribe reading glasses when you start having a hard time reading and recommend other measures that will help maintain your vision for a long time.

These are the top reasons why you should consider getting annual eye examinations. A professional eye doctor can help you keep a constant record of your eye health and treat any eye issues that arise.